No Business Card? No Problem!


I try to never go out of the house without a couple of business cards in my pocket. However, this is not the same for everyone. I often meet interesting contacts who do not yet have business cards because they are students or entrepreneurs/start-ups just starting out. I often give my card out and ask them to contact me by emailing me their details. Unfortunately the follow up rate can be quite low (depending on how useful the contact considers me to be) or simply because the have not mastered the art of follow up and therefore haven’t followed-up within a week and time passes and they no longer have any interest in following up (or are to scared to make contact).

This is where I use the Reverse Business Cards (or Connection Cards). These are blank Business Cards that have space for a contact to scribble down their details (and for you to use for your follow-up). Now that I have started using Networkit – I use these cards almost every time I attend a networking event.

If you find that you are networking in circles where people do not have their own business cards this is a great addition to your networking strategy – and has the bonus of making you ore memorable (and being known as the person who is always prepared).


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