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What is Coaching and how is it different from Mentoring?

Coaching helps someone else develop their own approach / solution to an issue that they are facing. On the other hand mentoring is about giving advice, making suggestions and sharing experiences. A mentor draws on their own personal experiences and can act as a sounding board or a guide. Coaching on the other hand is focussed firmly on the future and helps individuals find their own paths. A coach will ask neutral non-leading questions and gives feedback.

What are the benefits of coaching?

As an individual coaching can help you in many ways, a few examples of the benefits of coaching are:

  • improved performance
  • improved focus
  • development of specific skills or behaviours
  • improved engagement/motivation
  • greater clarity in role to improve impact
  • solutions to work-related issues
  • direction setting
  • improved confidence
  • maximizing your strengths, passion and purpose and building on your values.

As a business offering coaching to your employees also has its benefits:

  • talent development / retention;
  • improved engagement / motivation; and
  • increased performance and productivity.

More businesses than ever are now offering mentoring and coaching as a “benefit”.  75% of organisations offer coaching or mentoring to their employees.

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