Have an Internal Networking Strategy

Your internal networking is no different from your external networking and you should prepare for and have a networking strategy for your internal networking (not just your external networking). For internal networking this can be quite straightforward. Below are some examples of what I include in my internal networking strategy.

1. Write a list of targets

Write a list of people that you would like to get to know better at your company. Start close to home with your own team and department and then widen the network circle to others around you. This should include people from other teams and offices and at different levels throughout the business. Work out how you are going to meet these targets and whether you need to do anything in particular as part of your strategy or whether it is a more informal approach that is required

2. Write a list of activities to get involved in.

We blogged previously about using social events and activities as a way to get to know people internally. Signing up for some CSR or volunteering opportunities or a corporate sporting event is a great way to do this and mix with staff and colleagues from other areas of the business. Write a list of some things that you could get involved in.

3. Organise your own event

If there is not much going on internally, or you are struggling to find a suitable event, why not create your own?

Personally I try to organise one event a quarter.

4. Invite Others to Join you at Networking Events

Take some time to review your upcoming networking events and think about who you can invite to come along to those events out of your internal contacts to help them meet someone in particular, learn something new or fulfil another networking objective. Also set aside some time to network with the individual you have invited along. E.g this might include travelling to the event together or grabbing a quick bite to eat beforehand etc.

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