Activities to Build your Relationships

There is always something to be thankful for.(2)

“Following up” is not always about new contacts. Nor is it all about post-event activities. Quite a lot of the time it is about the activities that you do to maintain and build your existing relationships.

You should be scheduling regular activities with your network.

Examples of activities might include:

  • Making a “how are you” phonecall.
  • Having a one to one meeting / catch-up.
  • Sending an email / personal note.
  • Sending a gift.
  • Connecting your contacts to others.
  • Extending an invite to an event.
  • Holding a collaborative event.

Activities can be IRL, via email or on social media. At the beginning of each month (or each quarter) you should plan out your activities for the relevant period to ensure that you are building and developing your existing relationships.


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